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NEW: Frost XL sofa by FurnID, released at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015

Frost Chair and Sofa is designed by Bo Strange and Morten Kjær Stovegaard from the studio FurnID. They both graduated from the Danish Design School. Since the studio’s start-up in 2006, they have won numerous awards for their innovative and boundary pushing products whose design has the code of courtesy as the focal point.

Bo Strange about the design process: „The inspiration comes from the lines and formations that occur on the wind playing with newly fallen snow. The sculptural chair – and now 2-man sofa – is thus a visualization of the organic forms of the beautiful drift of snow, which embraces the snowy landscape. The challenge with such a peculiar curve is to create a harmonious expression, regardless of where the chair is viewed – while focusing on comfort, sparing no expense „

Despite the futuristic expression, Frost pulls clear references to both the 40s and 50s furniture classics and the world-renowned Scandinavian design aesthetic – also regarding new function of the sofa when you place it next to the chair.

Morten Kjær Stovegaard elaborates: „It has long been on the cards that the chair should not stand alone. The addition is an extension of the possibilities of how and where the furniture can be used; chair and sofa continues to work individually and in interaction with other furniture, but the circle is complete when the two versions becomes a set. Together, they create a closed space, which may well be the framework for a longer or shorter ‚break‘ from the busy life in both private homes and in hotel lobbies or airport areas.“

Frost sofa is characterized by a upholstered body on turned wooden legs, available in various woods. This combination gives the chair a harmonious and balanced expression, and the mixture of cautious futurism and classic retro has placed Frost Sofa as more than just a flash in the pan in the line of Danish Furniture launches.